Getting Started with the de.NBI-Cloud


Alexander Sczyrba⁽¹⁾, Peter Belmann⁽¹⁾, Sebastian Jünemann⁽¹⁾, Jan Krüger⁽¹⁾, Burkhard Linke⁽²⁾, Alex Walender⁽¹⁾ and Alexander Goesmann⁽²⁾
1 Bielefeld University, Germany
2 Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany

Description of the workshop:

The need for high-throughput data analysis has grown tremendously since the introduction of next-
generation sequencing (NGS) platforms. The massive amount of data produced creates a new class
of resource barriers to be overcome including limited bandwidth, storage volume and compute power.
Small research labs can hardly cope with the data generated. A solution to the mere resource prob-
lem are cloud computing environments as virtually unlimited and flexible resources.
The de.NBI Cloud is a full academic cloud federation, providing compute and storage resources free
of charge for academic users. It provides a powerful IT infrastructure in combination with flexible
bioinformatics workflows and analysis tools to the life science community in Germany. The de.NBI
Cloud offers reliable IT security concepts and user access rules to ensure secure data access and
storage. It closes the gap of missing computational resources for life science researchers in Ger-
The de.NBI Cloud project started in 2016 as collaboration between the universities of Bielefeld, Frei-
burg, Gießen, Heidelberg and Tübingen. The close cooperation with the ELIXIR cloud ensures the
connectivity and sustainability in the international context.

Software/Data Requirements: 

The participants should bring their own laptop computers. Target audience are bioinformaticians or experienced computational data analysts who would like to utilize scalable and flexible cloud resources for their research. Participants will learn how to setup a cloud project and work with virtual instances, and how to efficiently utilize cloud computing resources. We will also address networking and security issues, demonstrate how to deploy bioinformatics tools in the cloud, and how to set up a customized compute cluster in a cloud environment using BiBiGrid. All topics will be covered by short talks and practical hands-on sessions.