Hints for speakers and poster presenters

Oral presentations

All contributed talks are scheduled into slots of 15 minutes. Therefore, each oral presentation has 10-12 minutes for the talk, plus 3-5 minutes for discussion.

Visual material (slides, videos, ...) should be prepared in a common format, such as PDF, PowerPoint, OpenOffice. Files need to be copied to the presentation notebooks (Windows, Mac and Linux notebooks available) before the session. Own notebooks might be used in principle, but their functionality needs to be tested before the session. Please prepare a fallback, such as a PDF version of your talk on a USB stick.

Poster presentations

The usable areas on the poster walls are 120cm wide and 150cm high. Please mount your poster in the beginning of the conference, and remove it at its end. Mounting material will be provided. If you need a poster printing service, please contact us at least one week before the conference.