Unlike in previous years, we do not solicit the submission of full papers, but structured (extended) abstracts instead. We invite submissions of:
- Structured abstracts for presentations of recently published or unpublished work
- Poster abstracts
- Abstracts for Junior Research Group Presentations
- Concepts for Workshops (Sep 25)
- Concepts for Tutorials (Sep 25)

We encourage submissions from all sectors (academia, industry, government, NGOs, etc.) and all areas of computational biology and bioinformatics, including:
* Multi-omics approaches
* Biological sequence analysis and high-throughput sequencing
* Molecular evolution
* Big data analysis and machine learning
* Networks and complexity science
* RNA bioinformatics
* Microbiome research
* Precision medicine
* Computational infrastructure and services
* All other related fields

All submissions will be reviewed, evaluated and selected by the program committee.

Key dates:
May 1: Open submission
Jun 15: End of submission of structured abstracts, junior research group presentations, workshops and tutorials
Aug 15: End of poster submission