Tuesday Sep 25: Workshops and Tutorials

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8-9 Registration open
9-10 Mixed Integer Linear Programming and its applications in bioinformatics SeqAn3 – a modern C++ library for efficient sequence analysis Annual European Bioinformatics Core Community Workshop Cloud Computing Tutorial Label-free quantification with OpenMS
13-14 Lunch break
14-15 Mixed Integer Linear Programming and its applications in bioinformatics SeqAn3 – a modern C++ library for efficient sequence analysis Annual European Bioinformatics Core Community Workshop Cloud Computing Tutorial Label-free quantification with OpenMS
18- Evening program/Dinner for each Workshop/Tutorial

Wednesday Sep 26 - Friday Sep 28: Main conference

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  Wed Sep 26 Thu Sep 27 Fri Sep 28
8-9   Registration open
9.00-9.45 Keynote
Gunnar Rätsch
​Transcriptome Alterations in Cancer: Challenges and Opportunities
de.NBI Keynote
Lincoln Stein: The Pan-Cancer Analysis of Whole Genomes
9.45-10.30 Registration open

Gregor Entzian et al: Efficient Sampling of the RNA Secondary Structure Space

Alexander Gress et al: Structural classification of every amino acid in the human proteome

Sebastian Keller et al: Discovering conserved motifs in protein three-dimensional structures using frequent subgraph mining

Birte Kehr: Practical approaches for exploring structural variants in whole-genome sequencing data

Katharina Jahn et al: Modelling tumour evolution from single-cell sequencing data

Rudolf Schill et al: Modeling tumor progression using cyclic interaction networks

Coffee break
11.00-11.45 Welcome and opening
Søren Brunak: Precision medicine in the space of multi-morbidities

Kevin Lamkiewicz et al: Finding long-range RNA-RNA-Interaction with third generation sequencing techniques

Daniel Desirò et al: vRNAsite: Prediction and evaluation of viral RNA-RNA interaction sites between influenza A wild type and mutant vRNAs

Richard A. Schäfer et al: Analysis of RNA-RNA interaction data

Caroline Friedel et al: Watchdog – a workflow management system for the distributed analysis of large-scale experimental data

Bianca Allegra Buchner et al: Massively parallel and scalable enumeration of minimal pathways in metabolic networks

Steffen Klamt et al: Characterization and design of phase spaces and yield spaces in genome-scale metabolic models


Mahmoud Ibrahim: Integration of Transcription Factor Binding Data with scRNA-Seq

Florian Schmidt et al: Integrative prediction of gene expression with chromatin accessibility and conformation data

Julie Krainer et al: Integrated whole-genome and targeted DNA methylation analysis with EPIC-TABSAT

Florian Pflug et al: Correctly counting molecules using unique molecular identifiers

Ngoc-Vinh Tran et al: PhyloProfile: an interactive visualization tool for exploring enriched phylogenetic profiles

Holger Bergmann et al: Tracing functional protein interaction networks using a feature-aware phyletic profiling

Norhan Mahfouz et al: High genomic diversity of multi-drug resistant wastewater Escherichia coli

Ron Huebler et al: HOPS: A pipeline for screening archaeological remains for pathogen DNA

Christine Jandrasits et al: Pan-genome mapping and pairwise SNP-distance improve detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmission clusters

Lunch break
13.30-14.15 Keynote
Franziska Matthäus: Mathematical models for collective cell migration in development and disease
Yinyin Yuan: Deep learning the spatial and molecular heterogeneity of tumour immune response.

Jens Keilwagen et al: Improving homology-based gene prediction using intron position conservation and RNA-seq data

Fabian Klötzl et al: Fast and Accurate Distance Computation from Unaligned Genomes

Christopher Pockrandt et al: Computing Genome Mappability Scores for Faster Read Mapping using Optimum Search Schemes


Tim Kacprowski et al: Integrating Time-Series Data with Network Enrichment

Katharina Baum et al: Reducing edge noise in multi-omics correlation-based networks by fitting stochastic block models

Martin Pirkl et al: Single cell network analysis with a mixture of Nested Effects Models

Tobias P. Loka et al: Live analysis and privacy-preserving real-time filtering in next-generation sequencing while the sequencer is still running

Till Hartmann et al: A meta machine learning approach to distinguish true DNA variants from sequencing artefacts

Michael Altenbuchinger et al: Loss-function learning for digital tissue deconvolution

Poster awards,
closing remarks,
handover to GCB 2019
Coffee break with posters  
15.30-16.15 Keynote
Roderic Guigo: The Human Transcriptome Across Tissues and Individuals
de.NBI Keynote
Christoph Sensen: Circulating Nucleic Acids as Markers for Chronic and Infectious Diseases
16.15-17.00 16.15-16.30 Bioinformatics in Austria: an overview
16.30-17.00 FABI PhD award talk

Nikolaus Fortelny et al: Spike-in cells enable accurate correction of contamination in single-cell transcriptomes

Moritz Hess et al: Using independent training data to improve the learning of immune cell infiltration patterns with deep learning techniques

Joao Saraiva et al: Combining Support Vector Machines by Mixed Integer Linear Programming improves consistency of biomarker discovery in transcription profiles discriminating fungal from bacterial blood infection

17.00-18.30 FABI member meeting/
ATBI member meeting
Poster session and reception
18.30- Dinner

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Tue, 25th Workshops and Tutorials
Wed, 26th Opening 11 am, Conference Dinner
Thu, 27th Poster session and reception
Fr, 28th Closing 15 pm

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